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Follow these instructions to take your order from CSV to your Futaba USA cart seamlessly.

Download template Futaba USA CSV.

Edit order form to reflect your desired purchase.

Save file as CSV and upload below.

If you want to start with an empty cart, empty it first.

NOTE: It may take a few minutes to upload the order and add it to your cart. Please be sure to only click "Upload" ONCE to ensure your order uploads properly.

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Import Excel.CSV File

Follow the steps below to import multiple products using an CSV file. Click here to download the


  • Enter item number or ref in Column A(UPC barcode/Reference/Product Id)
  • Enter item combination upc code or ref in Column B(UPC barcode/Reference). Leave the combination field blank for all combination
  • Enter quantities needed in Column C
  • Please do not include any prefixes, dashes, or other punctuation in the item numbers. Save the file on your computer. CSV format (.csv) and click Upload.

If you have any issues, questions, or concerns regarding order uploading, please email ContactUs@futaba.com.