4PLS (with R304SB)

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Based upon the experience and know-how obtained from Aircraft transmitters, Futaba has designed a new telemetry transmitter 4PLS. It has the newly developed telemetry system T-FHSS that is faster and more reliable than ever.
Not only can you monitor receiver voltage, but you can also monitor other important functions of a car in real time by optional sensors. 4PLS gives you a new driving experience.

    • Multi-functional jog button
    • T-FHSS receiver R304SB
    • Adjustable Throttle Trigger
  • The new jog button can input up, down, right or left so that makes navigating around the menus easier.
  • 4PLS set includes the new telemetry receiver R304SB.
    You can install optional sensors via S.BUS2 port.
  • The adjustable throttle trigger lets you adjust the position to the most comfortable.
    The adjustable range is 7mm. A more robust type has been adopted.
  • Several telemetry functions can be displayed on the screen at once.
  • The voltage of the receiver is confirmable without optional sensor.
  • 4PLS can adjust the setting of Gyro GYC430 on the screen.
  • For scale car or drift car, the adjustment for the flash of a car is available in combination with Futaba  CPS-1.
  • MC Link Function is available for MC960CR and MC940CR.

System Overview

  1. T-FHSS(Telemetry system) / S-FHSS / FHSS
  2. S.BUS2
  3. Backlit 128×64 LCD Screen
  4. 40 model Memory
  5. 10 Character Model Name
  6. Menu Selection
  7. Brake mixing for large cars (BRAKE)
  8. 4WS mixing for crawlers and other 4WS type (4WS)
  9. Dual ESCs mixing for crawlers cars (DUAL ESC)
  10. Gyro mixing (GYRO MIX)
  11. CPS-1 mixing (CPS MIX)
  12. Advanced Breaking System(A.B.S)
  13. Throttle acceleration (ACCEL)
  14. Throttle speed (SPEED)
  15. Steering speed (SPEED)
  16. Racing timer (TIMER)
  17. Digital trim
  18. Function select switch / dial function (TRIM DIAL)
  19. MC Link Function
  20. Adjustable Trigger Position
  21. Tension adjustment function
  22. Mechanical ATL Adjustment
  23. Display switch
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