AdRCSS adds even more security to the already well-established FASSTest communication system. The 2.4GHz band used by FASSTest is open for various purposes other than RC like Wifi, Bluetooth, so there is a possibility of unexpected radio interference.

AdRCSS is a backup system that attempts to avoid as much of the fatal no-control situation with radio controls even if a communication failure occurs on 2.4GHz by communicating in parallel on the 900MHz band.

In addition, it employs the special protocol to achieve the communication with a response comparable to FASSTest.

Although the transmission power of AdRCSS is lower than that of 2.4GHz system, the spatial propagation characteristics of 900MHz, what we call “Sub-GHz Band” is superior to that of 2.4GHz, so the radio range is equivalent to that of 2.4GHz.

Note: Telemetry signals cannot be received from the aircraft when communicating on AdRCSS. 2.4GHz protocol’s telemetry is not affected