Our Service Center is staffed by certified brand experts that are happy to answer any question about your Futaba equipment.


100% of Futaba USA's technical staff are hobbyists in their free time, which provides our Service Center with an extra layer of troubleshooting knowledge.


Talk to your service technician in real-time, getting updates as your repair takes place.


As Futaba USA is a direct part of Futaba Japan, all of our Service Center processes and information is directly from the manufacturer.

Please ensure Transmitter and Receiver both have FCC sticker attached.
If it was purchased in North or South America but lacks a sticker, include receipt in form submission. If your product is labeled TeleC (Asia) or CE (Europe), please contact that distributor for your service request.

Contact Service Center
Please print confirmation page and include when shipping.


Do not include credit card information in submission.


For more information about what we service, please head over to our FAQ!

Meet our Experts!

Because it's always better to know who you're talking to!


Technical Support | 256-461-9399

Skylar is our resident FPV expert and airplane specialist. He was introduced to RC planes in 2007 but grew up around full-scale airplanes for his entire life. He spent his time on casual flying and crashing with friends and family for around nine years before eventually discovering his passion for quads and FPV racing. Now, he spends his time and energy not only flying FPV, but also designing frames, and has recently been introduced to RC drifting. His transmitter of choice is the 16SZ for its “stealth” appearance and CRSF (Crossfire) support.

Bobby "Bizob"Smith

Surface Team Coordinator | 256-461-9399 (x. 422)

Bobby is our resident surface expert. After making a life changing wrong turn onto Los Alamos Road in Murrieta, California in the early 2000’s, Bobby transitioned into the RC world from VW air cooled drag racing. He was already a very competitive person and good with a wrench, so Bobby had an advantage not only on the track, but off as well because of his ability to put together a mean chassis setup with his roommates. He spent many days and hours at the track learning from the best, and spent a lot of time with some of the industry’s leaders. After he was able to hang with the locals, he earned a nick name “Bizob”. When the Futaba 3PK was released he had to have one, but now he reps the 7PX.


Hobby RC Manager | 256-461-9399 (x. 415)

Nick is our resident helicopter expert. He has been flying RC since 1998, is a five-time National champion, and has been competing internationally since 2005, winning the 3-D World Championship in the Netherlands in 2010 and the One World Championship in the United States in 2012. Nick is a 3-D and F3C pilot, but has recently discovered a love for RC drift cars. Throughout the years he has spent in the hobby industry he has garnered invaluable product development experience which he has put to good use for Futaba as an integral part of the development of our flybarless gyros including the CGY-760R.