FASSTest is Futaba’s newest 2.4 GHz technology. With FASSTest, radio control systems are capable of three different channel modes- 18CH, 14CH, and 12CH.

When using 18CH FASSTest up to 18 channels (linear 16 + ON/OFF 2) can be used and fully supports all telemetry sensor units. 18CH mode is ideal when more channels are needed or a large number of telemetry devices are being used. On the 14SG transmitter, 14CH FASSTest mode allows for up to 14 channels (linear 12 + ON/OFF 2) and fully supports all telemetry sensor units.

When response speed has priority over number of channels and telemetry data, Futaba’s 12CH FASSTest mode is recommended. 12CH has a faster response speed than 14CH and 18CH and utilizes up to 12 channels (linear 10 + ON/OFF 2). 12CH retains the ability to use receiver and external voltage display.

Different from conventional radio control systems, the S.Bus System uses data communication to transmit control signals from a receiver to a servo, gyro, or other S.Bus compatible devices. This data includes commands such as “move the channel 3 servo to 15 degrees, move the channel 5 servo to 30 degrees” to multiple devices. The S.Bus devices execute only those commands for their own set channel. For this reason S.Bus devices have the potential to connect multiple servos to the same signal line.

Additionally, S.Bus2 opens up the ability to do bidirectional communication between the receiver and the transmitter. This allows for new functions such as telemetry data and programmability, as well as our Super Response (SR) system that increases processing speed to further improve response time.

Futaba’s T-FHSS is a budget friendly performance loaded protocol that gives you all the telemetry data of FASSTest, but in a lower cost form factor.

T-FHSS uses frequency hopping spread spectrum technology to not only control your vehicle with precision and reliability but also feeding back countless forms of telemetry data such as RPM, temperature, a power systems current, and voltage. Whether you are diving a car, boat, crawler, flying an airplane, helicopter, or in an FPV race, T-FHSS will keep a secure control link between you and your model.