Ultra High Speed CPU and Brushless Motor Enabling Superior Characteristics

HPBLS is based on high-speed, precise control realized by a 32-bit CPU, and combined with the high-frequency current drive effect, can be modified to suit the pilot/driver’s preference. We have also made improvements to the brushless motor itself that is the drive source, producing the necessary instantaneous torque while reducing power consumption.

Operation Parameters Can Be Set From Controller

Air Controllers

The controllers loaded with a setting function (32MZ, 16IZS/16IZ, etc.) that can set the parameters from the S.BUS menu. For setup, connect the servo to the connection port on the back of the controller.

T32MZ Setup Menu
T16IZ/T16IZS Setup Menu

Surface Controllers

The transmitters loaded with a setting function (T10PX, T7PX(R), T7XC, T4PM, etc.) can set the parameters from the screen menu. Traditionally the set-up is done by connecting the servo to the setting port (communication port) of the controller, the car transmitters are also equipped with a wireless setting function, so that, if utilizing this function there is no need to undo the servo wiring for setup. Note: “Communication port” will be either “Wireless 1” or “Wireless 2” when communicating wirelessly.

For UR Mode Compatible Servos

The following functions are available with the combination of UR compatible servo + T10PX + R404SBS (-E).

  1. Stretcher and boost settings can be adjusted 32 steps (previously 16 steps)
  2. Four parameter types can be chosen and these can be selected and modified wirelessly, making it easy to switch parameters according to track conditions.(3 parameters for SR modes)

(The parameters of SR mode are forcibly cleared/reset when leaving the SR mode.)

T10PX Setup Menu Page 1
T10PX Setup Menu Page 2