Helicopter Gyros

Helicopter gyro settings can be programmed wirelessly by connecting a dedicated setting box to the controller. (Patented)

This eliminates the need for troublesome steps such as landing the aircraft, removing the canopy, and adjusting the trimmer for fine tuning, stopping the engine once after landing for engine aircraft, and connecting setting cables.

Additionally, if an assistant is available, fine adjustments can be made during flight.

(Adjustable menus are for fine-tuning once you are ready for basic flight)


In flight tuning of the gyro may lead to serious accidents, so both the pilot and assistant must have sufficient flying skills.

Surface Gyros

Car gyros, beyond just drift cars, can be configured from a dedicated menu on the controller that support wireless settings.

As the gyro body has a compact design that pursues maximum flexibility for placement, the physical setting switches and display are simple, so the settings on the body itself are limited.

With the setting method from the controller, it is possible for the driver to make specific adjustments for various items.

By being able to adjust settings wirelessly, you will be free from the hassle of returning the car to the pit or removing the body every time you change the settings.

You can instantly compare setting changes before you lose the last driving sensation.

(Compatible model: GYD550 (as of Oct. 2023))


If you stop your car on the racing track for tuning, please follow the conditions of other cars on the track and etiquette.

Wireless Setting of S.BUS2 Compatible Servos

The parameters of the S.BUS2 compatible servo connected to the wireless setting compatible gyro can also be set from the dedicated menu on the controller. Since there is no need to take the troublesome steps like removing the servo you want to adjust from the gyro, you can achieve wireless settings without fumbling the wiring inside the car body.(Compatible models: GYD550, GYD470, and GYC470 (as of Oct. ‘2023))