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  • T10PX Spring Kits


    T10PX spring kits TH/ST (UBT3358 Wheel, UBT3373 Throttle) UBT3373 THROTTLE SPRING SET T10PX Includes two different weights, Normal 8M00F03401 Hard (Heavy) 8M00F04501 Installation instruction manual     UBT3358 WHEEL SPRING SET T10PX Includes three different weights, Soft 8M00F03901 Normal 8M00F04402 Hard (Heavy) 8M00F03501 Installation instruction manual  

  • 10PX APA (Drop Down & Angle adapter)


    T10PX APA (Drop Down & Angle adapter) APA Set – Small 17mm (UBT3368) APA Set – Medium 24mm (UBT3369) APA Set – Large 29.5mm (UBT3370)       APA Angle  – 5 (UBT3366) APA Angle  – 10 (UBT3367)          

  • 10PX grips


    T10PX Grips Black Rubber Grip – Small (UBT3361) Black Rubber Grip – Medium (UBT3359) Factory Black Rubber Grip – Large (UBT3360)   Black Trigger Guard Pack – Small, Medium, & Large (UBT3371)        

  • 10PX Wheel/Brake lever sets


    T10PX Wheel set, Brake lever set Wheel set standard size (UBT3362) Wheel set Large size (UBT3363) Brake Lever set (UBT3364)    

  • 10PX Screen protector


    T10PX screen protector (UBT3365)    

  • 7PX, 7PXR, 4PM and 10PX Carbon Fiber Handle


    Carbon Fiber Handle Optional Handle for T4PM-T7PX/R-T10PX (UBT3334) Stylish & Functional handle for transport while providing an additional spot of neck strap attachment. 7 grams Provided hardware for easy installation.

  • 10PX Printed Manual


    Printed Manual – 10PX Transmitter User manual for the 10PX transmitter (MAN-T10PX) NOTE: Price of this manual includes shipping (via USPS Flat Rate envelope). Manuals will ship separately from other items in your order A printed version the user manual.  

  • 3D Carbon Fiber Handle


    3D Carbon Fiber Handle Optional Handle for T10PX (UBT3334) ・Three-dimensional design by 3D molding ・Lightweight, hardness and strength ・Original logo ・Mounting screws included

  • 10PX Transmitter



    10PX Transmitter – Super Response Digital Proportional RC System For Use with Surface Models (01004408-1) (01004409-1) 10PX FEATURES Full color touch screen LCD T10PX has an HVGA 4.3 inch, full-color, backlit LCD touch screen. The screen is transflective which enables both indoor and outdoor visibility. F-4G system & telemetry Equipped with an F-4G system that…

  • 10PX USLE


    10PX USLE Transmitter – Super Response Digital Proportional RC System For Use with Surface Models (01004432-3 No Receiver) 10PX USLE FEATURES T10PX USLE Wheel bracket T10PX USLE includes a matching magnesium diecast steering bracket installed for increased rigidity. T10PX USLE trim level T10PX USLE incorporates the US flag and a complementing black chrome in place…