Where has Futaba’s RC presence been?

We’ve been hard at work creating Futaba USA, Futaba’s official Hobby Radio Control group, from the ground up. We’ve appreciated everyone’s patience and loyalty during this endeavor, and we’re very excited about how it has developed!

Okay, but what’s different? Weren’t you Futaba before?

Futaba’s hobby radio control history is full of change and growth. After initially being a direct descendant of Futaba, the distribution rights were then granted to Hobbico for an almost-20-year period. During this time, Hobbico was responsible for our sales, marketing, and service. When Hobbico was bought out in 2018, Futaba decided to bring its hobby radio control back home, creating the Hobby Radio Control group.  So, now when you’re talking to Futaba, it’s 100% Futaba owned and staffed.

What’s with the new name and website?

With the changing of hands, we thought refreshing the name, website, and other attributes like our new Facebook page would help solidify the new era for Futaba’s hobby radio control group.




What countries do you ship to?

At this time, Futaba USA provides Futaba equipment to North America, South America, and Israel.

Has my order shipped?

When your order has shipped you will receive an email from Futaba USA or Futaba USA Customer Service providing a tracking number for your newly shipped order. Additionally, under My Account > Orders on www.FutabaUSA.com, an order will show a status of “Completed” when an order has shipped. If your order status shows “Completed” but you haven’t received a tracking number, please send ContactUs@futaba.com a message with your order number and information with the subject line, “Tracking Number Missing”.

Did you get my order?

When you submit an order on www.futubausa.com, you should immediately (within one hour) receive confirmation by email. If you do not receive this email, please send a message to ContactUs@futaba.com with your name and any information about your order.

I live close to your Huntsville, AL facility. Can I just pick my order up?

Absolutely! There is an option at check-out to select this preference. Once  you’ve submitted your order, send your order number and information to ContactUs@futaba.com with the subject line, “Huntsville Pick Up”. We will then schedule a time for you to stop by and get your order.

Do you offer same-day pick up?

Pending items in stock, yes. You MUST contact our Customer Service Representative (256-461-9399 x.419) to make sure your order will be able to be fulfilled and arrange a time for pickup.

Can I cancel my order?

Orders may only be cancelled if it has not shipped yet. If you need to cancel an order and are within that timeframe, please email ContactUs@futaba.com with the subject line, “Order [Insert Order # Here] Cancel Request”. If your order has already been shipped, we will not be able to cancel it.

How do I return something to Futaba USA?

If your purchase from Futaba USA meets the following criteria, it is eligible for return:

-Not Discontinued
-Purchased within the last six months from OUR web store (futabausa.com); we cannot accept returns purchased from another outlet.

If your return meets all of the above and you would like to proceed, please email ContactUs@futaba.com with the subject line, “Order [Insert Order # Here] Return Request”, and be sure to include proof of purchase. We reserve the right to decline any return, and we will not accept returns of products purchased from dealers.
There is a 3% restocking fee upon refund.




Can I become a dealer/sell Futaba?

Absolutely! Our requirements are that you have either a brick and mortar or publicly active webstore. If you have one (or both!) of these, to request information about becoming an official dealer for Futaba, please email ContactUs@futaba.com with the subject line, “Dealer Account Request”.

How do I setup a dealer account?

To request information about becoming an official dealer for Futaba, please email ContactUs@futaba.com with the subject line, “Dealer Account Request”.


We are still finessing our product-specific FAQ. If you have questions, please direct them to our Facebook page or eblythe@futaba.com. Thanks!


How can I get the latest updates from Futaba USA?

We regularly post (and give things away!) on our dedicated Facebook page, and we periodically send out an email newsletter. Click here to sign up for our email notifications.




Something is wrong with my Futaba product! How can I get it repaired?

We’re sorry to hear that! You can submit a service or warranty request through www.futabausa.com/repairs.

I bought my Futaba gear through _____, is the warranty still valid? What’s covered?

If it is within one year of purchasing and you have proof of purchase date, your Futaba warranty is valid. This warranty will cover factory defects. To begin this process, please fill out a repair request at www.futabausa.com/repairs.


I want Futaba branded gear! Shirts, chairs, windsocks…the works! Where can I find these?

Thanks for wanting to rep our brand! You can find all of these items and more at www.futabausa.com/apparel. Check back regularly to see what new branded gear we have available!