HPS-A700 (S.Bus2/Brushless)

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HPS-A700– S.Bus2 High-Voltage Standard Airplane Servo

High Performance Servo with Brushless Motor (01102295-3)


While supplies last, check out the updated model here HPS-A702


– For all-purpose giant scale airplanes.
– Programmable/HV Brushless Servo.
– Custom New high power Brushless Motor.
– Suggested upgrade for BLS172SV/177SV
– Programmable and compatible with S.Bus and S.Bus2 systems.
– Can be connected to a PC using the CIU-2/-3 USB adapter sold separately.
– Final gear material is Stainless Steel.
– Upper/middle/bottom: Aluminum Case

0.13 sec/60°at 6.6V
0.12 sec/60° at 7.4V

68.0 kgf/cm at 6.6V
944.4 ozf/in at 6.6V
74.0 kgf/cm at 7.4V
1027.7 ozf/in at 7.4V

40.5 mm x 21 mm x 39.4 mm
1.59 in x 0.83 in x 1.55 in

82 g
2.89 oz

DC 6.0V-7.4V

DC 4.8-8.4V



Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2.5 × 1.5 in




Servo Size



S.Bus, S.Bus2, SR Mode (Super Response), Brushless, HV, Metal Case, Metal Gear

3 reviews for HPS-A700 (S.Bus2/Brushless)

  1. cambize shahrdar

    This servo is excellent. I have installed 8 of them on my 40% Extra 300. 2 on each wing, two for the rudder, and one for each elevator.
    The precision is excellent. My airplane’s snaps are so much better now.

    I highly recommend this servo. It is my favorite. ATF.

  2. rvoldrich (verified owner)

    I am using HPS-A700’s on a 126″ Carden Extra 300 which have replaced HPS-172SV,s. So the question is do I see a difference, and the answer is YES! The 172’s have been working flawlessly and the only reason I updated is because: I have always been one to stay up on the latest greatest equipment so I am always updating equipment when something new and great comes out! The smoothness is out of this world with the new A700’s. They are quite, smooth, fast, and very powerful! I am very pleased so far and not regretting the swap! The planes response is much quicker and less blow black from previous tests! Yes I recommend this servo!

  3. Dan Powell

    Installed 7 of these in my 42% Carden Pro. All I can say is WOW. Whole new plane! Excellent centering. Love the soft start. Uses less power than slower lower torque servos. Was able to solve tail heavy issue by going to 1 rudder servo. Plane is 42 pounds and zero blowback flying advanced sequence. Highly recommended.

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