SBS-01TAS Airspeed Sensor

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SBS-01TAS: Airspeed Sensor

Telemetry Sensor (UBB1176)

Airspeed pitot tube that mounts remotely on the aircraft and transmits airspeed back to the transmitter screen via the SBUS2 telemetry port.

About 15 km/h – 600 km/h
About 9 mph – 373 mph

195 mm
7.68 in

16 g
0.56 oz
*With Pitot tube and silicone tube attached

DC 3.7 ~ 7.4V

Manual available here.

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Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 1 in



Airplane, Surface, Helicopter


Telemetry Sensors

2 reviews for SBS-01TAS Airspeed Sensor

  1. Thomas Peters (verified owner)

    I have two and they both work great. The latest one is in an Eflite V900 and initial flight hit 126mph. I’m pretty sure the plane’s top speed is faster, and my next flight will prove this. I just setup my T16SZ to record the V900’s telemetry data using the RS slider as the on/off switch; and my bench testing shows this works excellently !!

    I’m planning a bracket to hang the V900 “extending out the front” of a jeep to verify speed readings (only up to 55 ! ).

    I needed a little assistance from FutabaUSA Support for the data recording; but the airspeed unit setup was easy.

  2. Alan Galle

    I have this in my 47% Decathlon and it shows the speed on the transmitter and you can hear it through head phones/speaker too. its so cool to know the speed in different modes of flight, like landing, slow flight or a high speed pass!

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