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  1. i have a futaba t7c that needs a switch and probably checked out who or where do i contact

  2. I sent my 7C in for service and two weeks later it wasn’t fixed because my flap knob replacement wasn’t available so I had them send it back because the excuse I got sounded as if it wasn’t going to get fixed, so you might want to call them first to see if they can fix it before you ship it to them.

  3. I have purchased 32MZ arriving soon 🙂 . From the manual I noticed that there is still no Speech available for the timer ? My 18SZ has a speech timer which is truly a great and a well used feature.
    Can this be updated quickly on the 32MZ ? as its one feature we would all love to have on your Flag ship transmitter.

    Thanks. 🙂

  4. Futaba still way behind the curve when it comes to features..My open source radio is LIMITLESS at a fraction of the cost.

  5. Nick M or anyone else, Does Futaba offer a gyro with bailout or self leveling? I was unable to find any information, Thanks and take care.

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