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NO BRAKES: ROAR Nationals 2019

Traveling has become a part of my job and getting through TSA and making my way to my gate is never easy. I finally make it to the gate to find out the brakes didn’t work on the plane! So, making a long story short, it would end up being a 24-hour delay, so I’ll miss day one of practice… bummer.

I finally make it to Hutto, Tx with blistering 95-degree heat outside, but it’s always rewarding to see and hangout with my RC friends. Tim Lime is always having a good time no matter what. Thankfully we had a covered pit area, and the track food wasn’t bad at all, so being in the middle of nowhere wasn’t all that bad.

Racing, of course I’m pulling for my team Futaba drivers. Although I wasn’t racing, I like helping out when I can. Everyone looked super-fast and the track was defiantly high grip, that made for quick laps and fun to watch.

Ryan was on his game all weekend, Camden showed up to take on the pros and made it to the semi round, Adam looked smooth as always finding himself in the show, and what can I say about the new champ, Spencer. I’m so proud of him. Good thing he tossed his radio to safety before the ice water was poured on him lol.

So, what did I take away from this event… keep pushing forward, just like my plane with no brakes, no slowing down.


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