58+ Years of Radio Control

At Futaba USA we aim to help you enjoy your hobby to the fullest. Although our first Hobby Radio Control initiative began in 1961, our first Hobby Radio Control Distribution Center for the United States was formed in California in the late 70’s and we have strived to maintain one common goal- top quality.


Futaba has continued to be a leading innovator in the hobby radio control industry developing first-of-its-kind products for modelers world-wide. In addition to aiding a time-traveling DeLorean and a mouse winning an RC sailboat race, Futaba has been an integral brand used in countless world championship victories. We take great pride seeing what modelers can do with our products but our biggest accomplishment is the immeasurable family-bonding experiences that have occurred with Futaba products all over the globe.


Futaba continues to strive to implement modern technology, develop innovative products, and set trends for the hobby industry.

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  1. Wow an old FP-T 8 JN Pattern Radio from back in the day. I have one converted to FM, Gold Stickered. And it still works!

  2. I am now trying for 10 years to get schematics of this FP- T6JN radio i got here… where am i going to get it?

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